by Justin Ornellas
Located in Muuidong, Jung-gu, Incheon about 500m from Yeongjongdo, Muuido is a big island of 28.8 million p’yong with 600 residents surrounded by pine trees.
As we can see in its Chinese letters, Muuido(舞依島) which has a beautiful seashore got its name because it is seen like a woman wearing general’s robe and dancing on horseback in a foggy day.
Muuido is composed of the largest Daemuuido, smaller Sommuido and Shilmido, and uninhabited island.

Guksabong and Horyonggoksan are popular climbing courses. As seen above, they are not so high or low that family can enjoy them. Fine view along the sea will make your hiking pleasant. Besides, your way to the summit can’t be bored thanks to rare insects and various kinds of herbs from well-preserved nature. On the top of the mountain, you can view the Incheon International Airport at a glance.
Beautiful Shilmi Beach against green pine tree forest has silver white sands to make tourists taste a sentiment of sea and forest. On its right side, there are fantastic rocks and stones including Seonnyubawee and fishing place well-known for abundant mullets. You can experience so-called Mose’s Miracle as you can walk from here across tideland to Shilmido Twice a day when the tide is on the ebb.
Meaning ‘the only and largest tidal land in Muuido.’ Hanagae Beach boasts of fine white sands with the 100m width and the 1km length. For the only beach unconditionally opening the tideland, Hanagae has so many conches, short-necked clams and shellfishes at ebb tide that beginners can garner plenty of them. Furthermore, if you lodge at colorful and cozy bungalow, you will have an illusion to be at a foreign house over the water when the tide is on the flow.
Saemkkumi Wharf is where you arrive first in Muuido. Here you can see medium size buses and mini vans which are kinds of transports. Simply regard them as taxis.
Keunmuri Wharf located 10 minutes away from Shilmi(Keunmuri) Beach is a free and composed place.
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