Named from its outlook of a swimming dragon, Yongyudo is easy to access by cars thanks to the Incheon International Airport.
The island, a blessing natural resort, is famous for its magnificent sunset. In addition, great white sands surrounded by lawn and pine trees please people.
Yongyudo has ‘Yongyu Palgyung’(8 great scenes in Yongyudo) such as autumn leaves in Mt.Ohsung, sailing ship,
Janggunbawee called the guardian god on the island,
vast white sand beach,
Seonnyuahm where a fairy strolled, sublime sunset, shimmering air in the morning and lights from fishing boats.

Eulwang beach has the most fantastic sunset in Yongyudo. You may feel like walking with bare feet on its fine white sands. Well-prepared camping sites, facility and lodgings are good for family or lovers. Marine Festival is held every August.
Rising high at Bipopogu(inlet), Janggunbawee, equipped with armor and helmet and staring at the sea, is called a guardian god of Yongyudo.
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